Biloslavo in Sociology but the meeting jumps (for technical reasons). Outside, however, there were those who protested (badly) and so from Meloni to La Russa "the University has bowed to the violent"

Biloslavo in Sociology but the meeting jumps (for technical reasons). Outside, however, there were those who protested (badly) and so from Meloni to La Russa the University has bowed to the violent

Biloslavo in Sociology but the meeting jumps (for technical reasons). Outside, however, there were those who protested (badly) and so from Meloni to La Russa "the University has bowed to the violent"

Biloslavo in Sociology but the meeting jumps (for technical reasons). Outside, however, there were those who protested (badly) and so from Meloni to La Russa "the University has bowed to the violent"

The story related to the evening organized by Udu (and skipped because there were problems with the documentation) ended up on the front page of the newspaper especially for the protest of the Refresh Collective against the journalist. A protest with the wrong tones that lent side to a description of Trento from years of lead. Bisesti did not dampen the controversy while the Rector & nbsp; and Udu explained how things went

TRENTO. All wrong. What happened from Tuesday evening was a succession of errors & nbsp; which gave rise to a real domino effect with a lot of lean & nbsp; figure & nbsp; for the University of Trento and consequent media `` case '' not sure muffled & nbsp; by the councilor for education Mirko Bisesti. A `` case '' that & nbsp; is yes & nbsp; will simply resolve with a new invitation from the University and students & nbsp; with all due respect to & nbsp; who is unable to listen and wants to silence a journalist simply because, perhaps, maybe it doesn't matter, he thinks otherwise. Yes, because the protest is always legitimate, if done in a civil way, but it was not the reason for the missed evening that should have been held in the Kessler Hall on Tuesday. & Nbsp;

The first mistake, in fact, in this affair was made by the university students of Udu who made a mistake in reserving the room where a conference should have been held with guest and also the journalist Fausto Biloslavo. An evening that is part of a series of meetings (for three consecutive Tuesdays) entitled '' The eyes of the war '' title that derives from the book written by the journalist and correspondent for Il Giornale, Panorama, il Foglio, Fausto Biloslavo and that It also refers to & nbsp; the project born in 2013 to relaunch the reports through crowdfunding. In short, the cycle of events wanted by Sociology of the University Union certainly did not pose political barriers & nbsp; or was based on some color. He wanted to deepen certain international issues with those who lived those experiences on the front lines without prejudice. And the University, as it always does, it must be said, had opened its doors to the students' initiative.

The biggest mistake, even in light of what is written above, is the one committed by the University Collective Refresh & nbsp; (far left collective) who made the wrong mistake & nbsp; to the nth degree putting into action & nbsp; an exaggerated and senseless protest & nbsp; with ugly & nbsp; flyers & nbsp; and crazy quotes & nbsp; (like that of the Raf terrorist & nbsp; Ulrike Meinhof) to say to Biloslavo `` you do not enter ''. At that point the omelette was already made: the journalist from Il Giornale was almost in Trento to talk about Libya and was informed by the train at the last minute that & nbsp; there was & nbsp; there was & nbsp; there was a technical error and his meeting could not take place.

Incredulous arrived & nbsp; however in the city and we saw & nbsp; those of the Cur who demonstrate in front of the entrance of Sociology, against him, with phrases of the type & nbsp; `` outside the fascists from the University '' and `` Biloslavo must not enter in university. '' He & nbsp; did two and two and the result was: `` In Trento the specters of the years of lead are wandering & nbsp; - as he wrote today on the front page of Il Giornale -, when at the faculty of sociology he studied Renato Curcio and on the horizon the terror of the Red Brigades loomed. Fortunately, they did not shoot me as happened to the founder of this newspaper, Indro Montanelli, but perhaps the vulnus burns even more. & Nbsp; A group of far left troublemakers managed to prevent me from taking the floor at the faculty of sociology ''. & nbsp; & nbsp;

A painting, the one & nbsp; drawn on the daily & nbsp; by Biloslavo of & nbsp; a Trento from years of lead: `` It seemed to me that I was no longer in 2019 in a free country, but that I had made a leap in time returning to the darkness and seventies. A sociology I was not even able to enter because stakes of thugs came from outside. '' And then the attack on the University of Trento: '' The most serious aspect is that the university itself has decided to bow to the violent minority by finding a formal quibble and forbidding access to the Kessler room of the Sociology Department '' . A series of errors, these too & nbsp; because Trento, fortunately, everything is except an inhospitable and closed city thanks also to & nbsp; to one of the best universities in Italy with a very high internationalization rate.

In these hours, however, Biloslavo's version has become that of a large part of national politics (from Giorgia Meloni to Ignazio La Russa who expressed solidarity with the journalist on Facebook) and the Councilor for Education of the Province of Trento Mirko Bisesti he did nothing to mitigate the de facto controversy by marrying the Trento line "for years of lead". '' As councilor at the University of the Autonomous Province of Trento- he communicates - & nbsp; as a former student of the University of Trento, but above all as a citizen of Trentino, I am deeply ashamed of what happened at the University of Trento on the occasion of the scheduled meeting with a nationally renowned journalist like Fausto Biloslavo. "& nbsp;

“Biloslavo - writes the commissioner - is appreciated for his great professionalism and for his forty-year career, during which he distinguished himself as one of the best reporters in the world with services on forgotten wars, from Afghanistan to Africa, up to 'Far East. Preventing a person from speaking, of spreading their ideas is a very serious fact, because informing, I want to emphasize it once again, is one of the most sacrosanct rights of a university and a democratic state as well as the right to civil confrontation. Certainly - adds Bisesti - with the University of Trento, we will carry out the event: it will not be a group of intolerant, rude and violent to stop the right to dialogue civilly in Trentino. These behaviors must not be repeated, therefore, after having brought my apologies to the journalist first sent and then boycotted, I asked the rector for a comparison on the situation, especially of the Faculty of Sociology and these violent people ".

In reality both the Udu and the rector, Collini, intervened on the subject. Both voices of the university explained that the evening was not made for the technical error even if the "disturbances" created by the Cur annoyed the university students themselves, who however will not give up the confrontation.

Collini explained that '' he wrote to the journalist still late in the evening of 15. & nbsp; I learned, with surprise and regret, of the cancellation of the event organized by UDU (union of university students). The will of the University - he continued - is certainly not that of impeding the debate and the free expression of thought. Our policy is not to syndicate student associations' initiatives on the merits and to always support them when they do not violate general rules of conduct. The administration - he continued - wanted to avoid being criticized for a problem of authorizations (we are very attentive to the rules, especially as regards the security safeguards) and did not look at the substance. At this time, also to protect students who have perhaps made a procedural error, but have done their job well in substance, I wanted to let you know that my will and that of the community that I represent, is to operate in full respect principles that inspire and motivate the very existence of universities as places of exercise and protection of fundamental freedoms. Rearranging this event is a way of affirming these principles. ''

Finally, our version of the facts. Someone, with the usual prophetic air, will have told you that we have invited a fascist to the university. In the rain on Tuesday evening, they accused us of being anti-fascists for mere convenience. Only falsehoods, exaggerations, exploitation.

The truth is that Fausto Biloslavo has annoyed some subjects that we do not want to name, because at seventeen he played in the Youth Front in Trieste and writes for "Il Giornale". We, while not agreeing on the merits of his political positions, in any case not attributable to the current neo-fascist right, we had invited him for his professional quality, for his experience on all fronts of war, an experience now almost forty years. An experience and a professional quality that would have been able to bring to all the students of Trento, without ever falling into the usual easy manipulations.

Sorry we had to cancel the conference. It wasn't our choice. We admit our only trivial mistake, and apologize: on August 28th we forgot to forward a form to the offices of the University of Trento. But this lack was notified only when the University assessed that there were no bureaucratic conditions to go ahead, despite our willingness to accept the comparison with those who instead only wanted to compete with those who had it redder.

We have been harmed, missing the opportunity to bring a true confrontation between two generations of journalists and journalism. However, we know that the University has listened to us and has decided to give us the opportunity to demonstrate, in front of the entire student community, all the value of our initiative.

Lastly, we salute those who in the last few days have even come to personally threaten some of our boys in Sociology. We are not afraid of you. Because none of us, unlike you, has ever given fascists to anti-fascists. And unlike you, we demonstrate anti-fascism with the work we do every day.

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