"Hire or skip the Consortium" and "blackmail to the ASL", the interceptions of the Cera clientel system. Foggia Prosecutor: "Ready to hear Emiliano"

Hire or skip the Consortium and blackmail to the ASL, the interceptions of the Cera clientel system. Foggia Prosecutor: Ready to hear Emiliano

According to the accusation, the various lines of investigation configure a "system of electoral corruption aimed at promising utility in exchange for votes"

Pressure for hiring the Capitanata Reclamation Consortium. "Forcing" of administrative procedures aimed at favoring the private sector for the management of the Cup (single booking center) on the days of the reconfirmation of the general manager of the ASL of Foggia, Vito Piazzolla. Request for an appointment to the Asp of Chieuti in exchange for electoral support for the re-candidacy of Francesco Miglio as mayor of San Severo. These are the accusatory hypotheses - partially rejected by the investigating judge - which led to the precautionary measure for the former parliamentarian Angelo Cera and for his son Napoleon, regional councilor.

The prosecutor of the Republic of Foggia, Ludovico Vaccaro, has already announced appeals to continue the hard line in contrasting the "clientelistic management of public affairs". Everything started from the various intimidating acts that hit the in-house company Sanitaservice srl, with the ambulances set on fire by unknown persons. The investigation, carried out mainly with the use of environmental and telephone wiretapping, started several months ago, and ended in July with the request for precautionary measures. Everything was kept confidential until a few days ago, when the Regional Welfare Councilor, Salvatore Ruggeri, announced that he was being investigated in the appointment of the ASP commissioner "Castriota and Corropoli". Then the intervention of the governor & nbsp; Michele Emiliano & nbsp; and the arrest of this morning by the two San Marino politicians. The investigation also includes the names of Piazzolla and a sixth person, L.M. of Manfredonia ended up under the lens of the investigators for an assignment in the field of communication for the regional group of Popular received after the election commitment of a close relative in favor of the Cera.

According to the prosecutor, politicians have put pressure on the top management to obtain the hiring of certain subjects. "As can be seen from the indictment, requests for hiring had already been made during 2018 - explains the prosecutor -, but these have not assumed criminal relevance. However, in December 2018, Napoleone Cera presented, as city councilor, an amendment to the stability law in which the Consortium is expected to be subject to a different regulatory regime. Without going into technicalities, it can be said, as the investigating judge points out, that this modification would have led to the direct subjection of the Authority to the Region and, therefore, adverse effects for the fate of the Consortium. In particular, the irrigation function would have passed to the Apulian Aqueduct. "

In some hearings, however, it is said that this amendment would have been "a fatal blow to the Consortium". The same intercepts of the suspects speak of a "suppressive effect". “My son has presented an amendment to the Budget with which the Consortia were made to disappear - it is said - they would have voted to make them disappear. The amendment makes them disappear to be managed by the Department of Agriculture ". At that point, according to the Public Prosecutor's Office, the pressures for hiring are linked to this amendment which is presented and immediately withdrawn. "At this point - said Vaccaro - the possibility of re-presenting him as a blackmail element is used to force the hiring of certain people". "We have to hire you and another person - says Angelo Cera in a conversation - because if it doesn't happen we are ready to re-submit the amendment in May-June".

"Managing reservations in healthcare can be a very powerful electoral lever." Therefore the headlights of the Foggia Public Prosecutor's Office have turned to a particular phase of the ASL, that of choosing between the private management of the service, entrusted back in 2013 to the Gpi Spa of Trento, or the internalisation, or direct management through Sanitaservice, company wholly controlled by the ASL, "with significant savings in public resources". At that time, the reappointment of the general manager Vito Piazzolla was also at stake, appointed to the top of the company by Nichi Vendola and reconfirmed by Emiliano. "In 2018, the heads of the ASL, together with the sole administrator of Sanitaservice, Massimo Russo, commissioned a feasibility study to internalize the Cup," explains Vaccaro. "This study was filed in December of the same year and certifies the convenience of in-house management." The procedure "goes on to such an extent that GPI employees employed in the Cup are expected to be hired in Sanitaservice".

The game, at that point, seems closed. "But everything freezes - says Vaccaro -, making us raise the accusation of undue induction in favoring the private company, to which the service was extended for a year after the deadline scheduled for early 2019, also because in that period it was at stake the reconfirmation of the ASL summit ”. The investigating judge speaks of "friendly relations between the Cera and the GPI", to the point that the politicians in the interceptions explicitly indicate it as "our society". Chiara would also be taking action to stop internalization: "We stopped her", they say in a chat.

The appointment of the commissioner of the Asp "Castriotta and Corropoli" would have passed from the electoral support to Francesco Miglio in San Severo requested by Emiliano. At that point, the Cera would have cashed a rough ok for the choice of the Manfredonian lawyer Cosimo Titta (an appointment that never materialized). According to the investigators this would already be enough to configure a hypothesis of crime that gives the sense of the "clientel cross-section". “We considered the episodes serious because they were repeated - Vaccaro specified -, we have times independent of politics, which cannot be conditioned in any sense. The investigation was absolutely confidential. We are considering listening to Emiliano, we have already told his lawyers that if he intends to present himself spontaneously to make statements, the prosecutor's door is always open. While evaluations are underway for questioning. " "From these three episodes - he concludes - a management of political activity marked by a clientel system emerges, also because there are other episodes that concern electoral corruption, or the promise of utility in exchange for votes".

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