Immediately skip the land registry reform

Immediately skip the land registry reform

The government, caught in the wrong, on an alleged increase in taxation on the real estate house, immediately reverses. After putting in black and white in the draft of the Nadef, the update note of the document of economics and finance, the intention to field a bill related to the maneuver to review the cadastral income and align them to market values, he relegated the text circulated on the evening of Monday after the cdm, in mere draft. Then yesterday evening in the official text, published on the website of the Economy, the bill that provided for the cadastre revolution evaporated. Cassuto. With this, however, slamming the door in the face of Brussels which, in the recommendations adopted in Ecofin on 9 July, had asked Italy for an update of the cadastral values.

To publicly deny the text was yesterday during the registration of "Porta a Porta" the Deputy Minister of Economy, Antonio Misiani who said: "There will be no reform of the cadastre connected to the next maneuver and in the budget law there is no it is no revenue forecast linked to a property tax. " A strategy to avoid the risk of getting bogged down in measures that sounded like stinging for home owners, the vast majority of Italians.

A first step back, a little clumsy, which follows the nightly quarrel of the summit on the maneuver between the wing of the Democratic Party led by the chief delegation Pd, Dario Franceschini, who aimed at a remodeling of the VAT rates to recover 5 billion and the Renzians stopped on the need to fully sterilize the safeguard clauses. Battle won by Italia Viva with a controversial tail within the Democratic Party. More missteps are awaited. In the def update note, there are also other related bills. They range from interventions in the school, to subsidies to the family, to the ecological turnaround, to the revision of tickets. And then the tax reforms, also with the reduction of the wedge, and the differentiated autonomy. It will be necessary to understand which of the bill can translate into an increase in taxes. The same fear of the property owners is also going through the operators of the gaming sector in these hours. Among the working hypotheses of the draft laws there is the reorganization of the taxation on games, which also includes expanding the obligation to register in the single register for all operators, and not only slots and video-lotteries. Taxes in sight.

And again in the real estate sector, it is expanding the revision of the so-called "tax expenditures", that is, the reduction of the tax bonuses today granted to those who carry out renovations, energy requalification and anti-seismic accommodation. An important engine of the building market in recent years that would freeze. Also because rumors always speak of leaving the bonuses only to those with lower incomes, a segment of the population which, however, does not restructure as frequently as the wealthiest. In short, the path of the maneuver for 2020 has started, but the road to get to the final text is already full of obstacles.

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