Maneuver, skip the confiscation to tax evaders as for the mafia. 22% VAT on driving schools

Maneuver, skip the confiscation to tax evaders as for the mafia. 22% VAT on driving schools

Green light to the maneuver, unless agreed. "The maneuver was approved except for agreements, therefore there are aspects on which we can certainly reason, but in the CDM scheduled on Monday we are working on a decree law on the earthquake, because we must speed up the reconstruction procedures": said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte entering at the European summit by answering a question about Di Maio's words.

However, in the latest draft of the tax decree, the extension to tax offenses of the confiscation "for disproportion" provided for by the Anti-Mafia code is omitted. In the first draft, the confiscation provided today for the mafia was applied not only to the usual offenders, but also to the guilty only of evasion. The squeeze, which would have allowed the confiscation of assets whose provenance cannot be justified, now appears to be missing. There remains the strengthening of confiscation "by equivalent", that is, the equivalent of illicit profit linked to excise crimes. & Nbsp;

22% VAT will be applied on driving school lessons, including flight and nautical lessons, but also on didactic activities with a specialist content. Teaching related to school and university, such as private tutoring, remains exempt. The draft tax decree linked to the maneuver provides for this. The news starts in January 2020 and is considered a VAT recovery of 66 million per year. Also in the tax decree, the possibility for the government to contract arms exports. An appropriation for the public sector is also underway which would allow increases in the paycheck of 90 euros gross per month for employees. The government grants Alitalia a new bridging loan of 350 million for six months for indilatable management needs.

Statali. & Nbsp; Statali, in paycheck increases up to 90 euros gross more per month. The appropriation for the public service which would have been included in the maneuver would allow increases in the paycheck of 90 euros gross per month. This, according to government sources, is the estimate of the average increase when fully operational for civil servants. The new budgeted dowry would in fact bring the total resources from 1.8 to about 3.2 billion, available from 2021. The contract in fact covers the three-year period from 2019 to 2021.

The increase in the so-called luck tax, foreseen in the first drafts of the tax decree linked to the maneuver, is skipped and in its place comes a rise in the single tax levy applied on slots and Vlt, for almost half a billion: 498.9 million in 2020 which they rise to 524.7 from 2021. In the last draft of the provision, the increase in taxation on winnings above 500 euros no longer appears from 12% to 15%. Instead, there is an intervention on the Preu that will start from February bringing the levy on Awp to 23% and the one on Vlt to 9%.

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