Quote 100, Renzi-Conte clash. Pd at M5s: "With ultimatum the government skips"

Quote 100, Renzi-Conte clash. Pd at M5s: With ultimatum the government skips

The leader of Italia Viva: "Quota 100 must be abolished". The prime minister freezes him, the 5 stars ask for a majority to work "on agreements that are not yet there". Frecciata di Franceschini

Rome, 18 October 2019 - High voltage & nbsp; in the government & nbsp; around the 2020 economic maneuver & nbsp; on which the OK "except agreements" arrived yesterday. Quote 100? "It is unfair and we will cancel it," says the leader of Italia Viva, Matteo Renzi. But the prime minister Giuseppe Conte does not even seem to take into consideration the perplexities of one of the members of his majority. The pension measure "is & nbsp; a pillar of the maneuver," he says. And the 5 Star Movement, while thanking the Prime Minister for defending 100, asks through a blog post from the Stars & nbsp; to immediately convene a majority summit & nbsp; "to work on agreements that are not yet there". & Nbsp; Italia Viva's answer is ready: "We are ready, we are waiting for the convocation". Meanwhile, there is also the Sibylline tweet of Dario Franceschini which targets the diktat grillini that appeared in the post. "An ultimatum a day keeps the government away," writes the head of the delegation of the Democratic Party to the government. And Nicola Zingaretti, dem secretary, immediately retwitta. & Nbsp;

In the e-news that presents the Leopolda program, Renzi explains it papal papal: "Tomorrow morning we start with the presentation of the Family Act, with Elena Bonetti. And we will explain why in our opinion that measure, which invests 20 billion in three years looking only at retirees, it is unfair: that money should go to young people, couples, families, salaries and services ".

It seems & nbsp; very proud of the measure: & nbsp; "For the first time an organic measure in favor of families: FOR families (Rich Equal Protagonists). We will vote an amendment to cancel Quota 100 and give that money to families and salaries: let's see what the others are going to do, "the ex premier urges. & nbsp; Then he softens his tone a little and admits:" Out of 100 we will do a battle that I fear will only be a battle of witness, given the numbers ".

For the rest, the leader of Italia Viva does not complain about the 2020 budget law: "We are very satisfied with the blockade on the increase in VAT. Positive steps to reduce interest on debt and increase money on the family". & Nbsp;

The 'buts' are still many, however, and he lists them: "On microbalzelli & nbsp; like the sugar tax or the taxes on the house or on the desire to complicate the life of VAT games, instead, we will make ourselves felt - he reiterates - And I am sure that other majority forces will also block these unnecessary micro-boosters. "

After freezing Renzi & nbsp; out of 100, Conte shows confidence in the Budget law. "There is a parliamentary process and we must respect the opinions but I trust as Prime Minister that this maneuver maintains its intrinsic coherence", he says in Brussels, at the end of the European summit. And speaking of the elections in Umbria, & nbsp; the prime minister clarifies that it is "a regional test, each region has its own importance but to think that the fate of the government hangs on the outcome of a territorial competition does not make much sense".

The lines expressed by the blog post of the Stars are clear lines in which it is asked to immediately convene a majority summit. Starting with the obligation of the Pos that "for us it can be if the commissions on electronic transactions are zeroed". And on the cash limit there are no vetoes, "but everyone must be able to use a credit card." Why "how can you think of obliging the owner of a small family business to have the pos if then the commissions of the banks remain very high?".

As for the accounts of the maneuver, "if they lack the resources" & nbsp; since "for us they cannot be recovered by raising taxes at VAT numbers, we are ready to get to the table and propose new coverages, such as greater revenue from the motorway concessionaires who raise toll booth rates every year, perhaps without even carrying out adequate maintenance, and moreover with contracts and returns that do not exist anywhere else in the world ".

Bankitalia also intervenes on the move, which in the economic bulletin notes that the orientation of the fiscal policy on the basis of the announced measures "would be slightly expansive, reflecting the cancellation of the safeguard clauses - only partially offset by other measures - as well as other interventions". Choices that are "motivated by a less favorable than expected macroeconomic framework and by not negligible downside risk".

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