Rome waste, skip the mini-extension for Lazio plants: garbage to abroad

Rome waste, skip the mini-extension for Lazio plants: garbage to abroad

On the waste front, Rome is running at two hundred an hour towards a wall: it will soon find itself without landfill and in constant lack of plants. Yesterday, at the meeting of the control room at the Ministry of the Environment, an old and expensive recipe was indicated as the only solution to the closure of the Colleferro landfill from January 1 (every day it receives 1,000 tons of Roman waste): sending waste abroad. Roma Capitale then said that Ama's financial statements will be approved, only to then specify: «By the end of the year». It has also opened up to new plants, but without specifying which ones.

At the top, in addition to the leaders of the ministry, there was a delegation from the Capitol led not by the Councilor for Waste (as it would be normal, but Rome does not have it) but by Max Bugani (historical exponent of the Movement but in Emilia, as well as partner of Rousseau and today chief of staff of the mayor Virginia Raggi). With him Valeria Allegro (former councilor of the XII Town Hall), which Raggi has appointed not councilor, but delegated to waste. For the Region, the Councilor for Waste, Massimiliano Valeriani. However, the summit ended substantially with no action, asked a few weeks ago by the mayor, who also denounced "being left alone", provoking the wrath of the minister Sergio Costa.

La Raggi wants the extension of the regional ordinance (expires on October 14) which requires the Lazio plants to receive the Roman garbage; Valeriani explained that to date the capital has not complied with the prescriptions indicated in the first version of the ordinance, given that Ama has not approved the financial statements. Furthermore, Roma Capitale has rejected the regional waste plan and continues to say no to any landfill hypothesis that takes the place of Colleferro. So the Region, during the summit and in order not to go to breakdown, pointed out that the treatment plants available are sufficient and that, unless new emergencies, an extension is not needed now that the Malagrotta plant is returning to regime. Despite this, the Municipality spoke of a "new collaborative atmosphere" with the Region and "satisfaction with the opening to the extension".

Well, what will we do when the Colleferro landfill - in 80 days - will close? Simple: we will bring waste abroad. In this regard, the commissioner Valeriani said: "The Municipality has committed itself to finding bridge solutions to manage the transition, responses that look to an agreement with foreign countries". Problem: theoretically, a tender of European significance should be called, difficult for Ama with the budget not yet approved, and therefore the time available is not enough. Alternatively, one can think of direct custody. Various hypotheses: Bulgaria, Denmark, Sweden. But the cost would be very high: 200 euros per ton, practically 30 percent more than what is normally spent. According to experts, it will hardly be done in time for January 1st.

Also yesterday, Roma Capitale issued a note: "The possibility of working together to create innovative and public systems that allow a virtuous development of the waste cycle in the Lazio region is not excluded". Which plants are being discussed is not specified, although the most likely hypothesis is that of selecting Colleferro material. Matteo Salvini, who started climbing in Rome, takes advantage of it: «Shame Rays, the only answer you gave to Ama are on the armchairs: resign!». Mayor's reply: «I would also say to you, resign but from what? You have never worked in your life. "

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