Salt Bae responds to lockdown in Mykonos and denounces island accuracy

Salt Bae responds to lockdown in Mykonos and denounces island accuracy

The well-known Turkish Salt Bae has become the viral internet in 2017 & nbsp; thanks to how the salt salts & nbsp; and has since managed to emerge as a successful entrepreneur who landed in Mykonos this year. But with the opening on the Greek island, the padlock for tax evasion and receipts worth 25,800 euros has come to an end.

Salt Bae, world-famous Nusret Gyogche, inaugurated a new restaurant in Mykonos - one of 14 in the world. But shortly after it opened, the non-issuance of 34 receipts totaling 25,800 euros, identified by AADE auditors, made the headline.

Nusret spoke to the newspaper Prima Thema and said that the matter with her evidence came from a "technical error", while his executives say they had no intention of tax evasion as they knew all the lights were on him. In the same interview, they admitted that the receipts were "self-inflicted" as a result of a possible misunderstanding between shopkeepers with the company that provided them with their retail receipt systems.

Asked why he opened up in Mykonos, he replied: "First of all we are neighbors. Then Mykonos is full of tourists, has a vibrant vibe and is quite an attractive destination. Everyone knows Ibiza and Saint-Tropez before, but in recent years Mykonos has been the No. 1 destination. So that's the main reason we came here. " And he will add: “I came to the island for the first time two summers ago. I even met Antonis Remos. My first impression was the quality that I saw in all services. Then I was overwhelmed by people with their kindness, fantastic tastes and gorgeous women. What else to ask for? "

Nusret - not least known for his cheap food - denounces precision in Mykonos. "The island is outrageously expensive and that's something that needs to be corrected," he says. "People are coming to Mykonos and leaving angry not because it didn't go well, but because they paid too much money. The fact that the island is expensive is no longer a secret, everyone knows. So I don't want people coming to my shop and saying that they paid too much for the quality we offer them. I want to leave with a smile on my lips. After all, I didn't come here to make money, but for Prestige and to thank the people who follow me everywhere. "

How much does a meal at a Salt Bae restaurant cost? The Nusr-et Burger costs 45 euros, the Rib eye 300 gr. is priced at 120 euros, while some steaks with edible gold leaf start at 300 euros and reach 500 euros depending on the weight. A glass of beer costs 10 euros.

In the same interview, Salt Bae declined to comment on the fatigue caused when he had a special lunch with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in Constantinople, but commented on Greek-Turkish relations. "We are more united than they used to be in the past," he points out, adding that he has never felt that there is anything negative between the two peoples.

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An offender to catch up and say yes guys I didn't cut receipts, I preferred to pay the staff, the cashier, eat them ... The cheap excuse is always ready. I thought they were our own people but ultimately not. Has it finally been learned that such excuses go to Greece?

No proof has been issued says Ade and I add neither the first nor the last. The majority somehow steals the state. They do not pay the VAT they receive from the paying customer on the final price ... and then we wonder what really it's his fault.