Sports inspirations: acrobatics. Is learning somersault difficult? [video]

Sports inspirations: acrobatics. Is learning somersault difficult? [video]

Acrobatics is a sport that gives you freedom and great joy. Individual elements and figures combined together form impressive acrobatic systems that can be learned by training persistently.

What is acrobatics training, what does training look like? We talk to Mateusz Mokrzyński, and Robert Olszta conducts the lesson in the High Flight Zone. & Nbsp;

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The dog shelter in Nowodworze (Lubartowski poviat) adopts only through volunteers. In the liquidated shelter in Krzesimów (Świdnicki poviat), where a dozen or so dogs stay, adoptions are suspended for now. Instead, the house was found by 13-year-old Aunt Wiki, who spent most of her life in the cottage

E-mails sent at night, and in them a request to issue our personal data, including address and PESEL number - for disclosing the data of all voters, she applied to the head of heads, mayors and mayors of Poczta Polska. The local government officials we have spoken to question the effectiveness of such a request

An 18-year-old resident of Warsaw, who urged a beating teenager in Zamość and reported "live" the entire event on the Internet, went to police detention. Police announce that two men will soon be sent there, who were detained in Warsaw on Thursday.

On Thursday, Ewa Kurnicka, the head of the Department of Account Settlements of Contribution Payers at the ZUS Branch in Lublin, answered the questions of the readers of the Wschodni Daily newspaper. Topic: changes in the so-called anti-crisis shield

Interview with Grzegorz Gruza, management advisor, mentor and business trainer, entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in several different industries.

Allegations of acting contrary to the biblical commandments were made at the City Council meeting on Thursday against the Dominican Father, Ludwik Wiśniewski. Despite PiS's opposition, the council granted him honorary citizenship of Lublin. Italian ophthalmologist, prof. Giuseppe Guarnaccia

A few days ago another batch of 60 Starlink satellites launched by the Falcon 9 rocket flew into space. For the first time, they could be seen from Poland on Wednesday evening. If you haven't seen it, nothing is lost.

Restrictions in the work of Lublin courts, caused by the epidemic, were extended until mid-May. Until then, only the most urgent cases will be heard. A list of hearings that have not been canceled will be available online.

On Tuesday, April 21, during a meeting of the Municipal Social Council for Disabled People in Chełm, the director of the Municipal Family Assistance Center announced to the gathered that the PFRON Service Team will soon be transferred and will go to the headquarters of MOPR at Kolejowa Street.

The airport is dying in front of our eyes - alerts Senator Jacek Bury (KO), who accuses of inaction of the voivodship self-government and central authorities. Officials say they are setting up financial assistance for the port.

Italian media live with the transfer of Arkadiusz Milik to Juventus. The Pole was on the cover of Tuesday's "Tuttosport" with the catchy title "Milik-Juve. Ciao Napoli. " Journalists argue that the Pole has communicated with Juventus and will want to leave Naples in the nearest transfer window.

- We do not know on what basis it happened, because the employees were not given any specific reason - comments the dismissal of the hospital director at al. Trade union of doctors.

On Thursday afternoon an accident with a cyclist took place in Chełm. Hyundai's impact was so strong that it destroyed the front wheel of the road. The cyclist came under the care of medics. Police investigate the circumstances of the incident.

The Ministry of Health announced on Thursday at 17.30 about further confirmed cases of coronavirus infection. 19 people died on Covid-19.

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The most important successes of Lublin athletes in 2018
Do you see an accident? Are you a witness to an unusual event?
Send a message, photo or call.
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30 years ago, Hans Nielsen made his debut in Motor Lublin. "I felt like one of the Beatles"
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Athlete of the Year 2019: Hot Brazilian samba and ballroom dances [video]
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We have shown that we have quality, i.e. opinions after the match Motor - Chełmianka

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