Tax authorities, tensions in the majority over prison | Skip the confiscation of the tax evaders as is the case with the mafia

Tax authorities, tensions in the majority over prison | Skip the confiscation of the tax evaders as is the case with the mafia

In the latest draft of the tax decree & nbsp; there would be no extension to tax offenses of the confiscation "for disproportion" & nbsp; provided by the Anti-Mafia Code. In the first draft, in fact, & nbsp; the confiscation provided for the mafia was applied not only to usual offenders, but also to those guilty of evasion. & Nbsp; The majority, however, would be divided on the prison for the large tax evaders: the M5s were in favor, doubts from the Democratic Party and Iv.

It seems & nbsp; instead pass the principle of & nbsp; insert in the tax decree a rule to tighten the prison & nbsp; for the great tax evaders, but the majority parties discuss & nbsp; still on how to actually implement the squeeze. Doubts emerge both from the Democratic Party and from Italia Viva on the proposal of the M5s which provides both to lower the thresholds of & nbsp; punishment & nbsp; and to greatly tighten the penalties for tax offenses. The Renzians protest: "This is not & nbsp; this is the way to fight tax evasion: the best way is & nbsp; not to do & nbsp; building and tax amnesties, unlike what the previous government has done". "The prison already exists - they argue - and in any case it is not possible to intervene in criminal matters by decree. The Council of Ministers discusses an ad hoc law". & Nbsp;

A reduction in fines is assessed for those who refuse the Pos - In the government it is considered to re-modulate the fines for merchants who do not accept payments with the Pos. At the moment the fine of 30 euros & nbsp; additionally provides to calculate also 4% transaction value. This 4% could be reduced or even eliminated.

Sugar tax - After days of controversy, the tax on products with high sugar content arrives. But it will only concern some drinks, not snacks. Education Minister Lorenzo Fioramonti is praised, who had launched the proposal ending up in the eye of the storm. And now he asks for the proceeds to go to school.

No plastic tax for bio products. On the packaging tax, assumed to be one euro per kilo in the Bilanzio Programming Document sent to Brussels, the Minister of the Environment Sergio Costa corrects the pull. It is assumed to charge the tax only on non-biodegradable and non-biocompostable products.

Skip the "luck tax" hike - & nbsp; No adjustments to scratch tax payouts & amp; Vinci, Superenalotto, Videolottery. In the latest version of the tax decree, in fact, the article that in previous drafts raised the percentages of these withdrawals no longer appears. The levy would therefore remain unchanged at 12%.

IMU on oil rigs - As of 2020, oil rigs could be subjected to IMU. Platforms within territorial sea limits would be considered. The tax is calculated at the rate of 10.6 per thousand. The 7.6 per thousand share is reserved to the State. The remaining tax, at the rate of 3 per thousand, is & nbsp; attributed to the municipalities. A potential tax base of around € 570 million is estimated. Applying the expected rate of 10.6 per thousand would result in a higher IMU revenue on an annual basis of about 6 million euros, of which 4.3 million euros state share and 1.7 million common share.

Driving school VAT revenues - Driving schools, including flight and nautical schools, will have to pay VAT. The Tax Decree thus adapts the Italian legislation to a sentence of the EU Court of Justice. From the data processing it is estimated that the intervention will result in a recovery of higher VAT of 66 million euros on an annual basis.

Alitalia and digital tax - According to the latest draft of the Tax Decree, the Government grants Alitalia a new bridge loan of 350 million euros, for "non-negotiable management needs" for six months. As for the estimate of the revenue from the Digital Tax, it is revised upwards to 708 million on an annual basis.

The best thing about this financial is the revaluation of pensions between 1500 and 2000 euros, they will increase by 50 cents gross (40 net) as many as 6 euros per year, but they will fill their mouths saying that they have totally reevaluated pensions up to 2000 euros

Well keep on "throwing" taxpayers money on the Alitalia bandwagon .... infinite shame of all the governments that have followed no one is saved ... from the "brave captains" of Silvio onwards ... country in disarray

More loans to Alitalia?! These are those things that encourage Italians not to pay taxes. You can't stand such a thing anymore. The state does not make any loans to me if my company goes badly.

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