The gorsets descended from Salto Angel, the world's highest waterfall PHOTO

The gorsets descended from Salto Angel, the world's highest waterfall PHOTO

Halina Gajda03.04.2019 see gallery (17 photos) photo. private archive / miłosz foreczek see the gallery (17 photos) They did it. Now half the world is looking at them. And they stoically, as if it were a small beer with foam, tell how to descend the line from Salto Angel, the highest waterfall in the world! When the jungle, swamps that easily absorb a man, snakes swim in the rivers. Of course, I'm talking about the participants of the Slide Challange project.

One of the five daredevils who did this anyway, the extreme feat was Miłosz Forczek, gorliczan, GOPR instructor, downhill skiing, scuba diver, lover of water sports, parachuting and most important - conqueror of the Voronia-Kruber Cave, the deepest in the world . In fact, he hasn't completely unpacked his backpack yet, because his duties cannot last forever. You have to make up for them. And here the media from all sides. They want to meet. "We had no idea it would end this way," he says, and this is not false modesty.

The immortal question in such situations - how it started - must be asked. - From the game - Miłosz shrugs. - Knowledge type. The question was asked about the highest waterfall in the world - he adds. We answer with a lot that it's Niagara, and it's a mistake. She doesn't even enter the tenth. It is great when it comes to water flow, but our Waterfall in the Tatra Mountains is even higher than it. Salto Angel is a real giant. Almost a kilometer high. There is no higher.

Because the participants of the Slide Challenge project are people who are unlikely to spend their free time on the terrace with a cup of coffee. They prefer adrenaline, challenges even more.

Darek Pachut and Dimitri Wika immediately came up with the idea that they would eat from this waterfall. On the ropes. However, their faces thinned when it turned out that the one who had done it was already there. The boys immediately invented that then they would eat of the ten highest waterfalls in the world. They selected targets and called Miłosz.

A piece of male adventure began on March 2. After 40 hours of travel by air, with transfers, they finally set foot on solid ground: Buenos diaes Venezuela! That it will not be easy, they have already found out at the airport, where a group of uniformed men caught the five from Poland from the crowd of passengers. Next to them stood gentlemen in suits and dark glasses, who invited newcomers from Europe for more unofficial conversations. All because of the very tense and extremely unstable political situation in a country where civil war is in the air. There is also a threat of armed conflict with other countries. - It turned out to be their Interpol - says Miłosz.

- They checked everything meticulously, we filled a pile of paperwork. They were polite but firm. We kindly answered all the questions - he adds.

The next item on the program is Ciudad Bolivar, you can say that the capital of the Canaima National Park, where Salto Angel is located. There they were waiting for two light aircraft that were to transport them and all equipment practically to the jungle. In the meantime, a guide, Alfredo Yupi Rangel, joined them. A man who knows the area, like his own pocket. - He told us that if we were careful, everything would be fine - he recalls.

What does it mean to be careful? Oh, even if you do not get in the way of encountered snakes, look where you sit, stop, do not try to make friends with every creature you meet. And there were many opportunities to meet, because they spent their nights only under the cloud.

- And only in places indicated by the guide - he adds. - For example, swimming in the river only on a strictly defined section, because there are still snakes. They are at home, they have their rights - he laughs.

More important than animals, was the Auyantepuy Plateau, from which the Caroni River flows, and Salto Angel on it. They had a strong, demanding, but also self-denial approach to the top of the first slope of the base of Auyantepuy, then subsequent stages, i.e. Penon, Libertador, Oso

The elevations reached 300-400 meters, where they went out of the way, to descend immediately. In the jungle thicket, where the leaves are like a razor, there is a huge humidity, underneath the roots that bind the movements - all this makes a several-kilometer walk takes several, several hours. Two hundred meters in a straight line means over a kilometer and a half breaking through something like a path.

- After a full day's march in the swamp up to the ankles, and sometimes down to our knees, we preferred not to look at our feet or wonder what could also nest in them - he says. The proximity of a waterfall acts as an anesthetic. They didn't know him yet, but they felt everyone with their body pores.

You could endlessly look at the river, which a second later ended its course to cascade down. In billions of drops of water the sun was reflecting, creating a rainbow. Paweł Jankowski, a team member planned that he would jump from a waterfall with a parachute. The rest were supposed to slide down on the ropes. Needle weather was needed for the jump. They had to wait a few hours for her. He was waiting for a hole in the clouds. I jumped. Colleagues saw him soaring over the jungle. His goal was, as it later turned out, more rocky than a plant meadow. Two minutes flight and scream on the radio: I landed! They themselves, i.e. Darek Pachut, Jan Wierzejski, Dimitri Wika and Miłosz finally set off the day after Paweł's jump.

- With all equipment, field kitchen, foam pads, downhill equipment, photographic equipment. Everyone had several dozen kilos on their backs - says Miłosz.

In the first stage, they covered about 400-450 meters. They decided they wouldn't risk it. They'll sleep on a rock shelf and move on in the morning. - A dream? Hmm, well maybe a dream. Given that everyone had space as much as a foam pad. For 40 centimeters away there was nothing more - he says with a smile. - Relax, we chose a shelf that had bushes thick as a hedge. Even if I rolled from my sleeping pad in my sleep, I wouldn't fall. Don't worry - it calms you down.

From above, the jungle was like a dense green carpet. They noticed its diversity and change with each meter down. In the end they met with Paweł, happy that he succeeded, although there was still a return ahead of them. They had to wait for rented boats. A return through the jungle would mean 60 kilometers of walking. Under these conditions, without food, it's basically a recipe for death. - We were a bit scared when it turned out that there was no transport at the agreed place and time.

- We comforted ourselves that we have a GPS with the mayday help calling system - he recalls. Fortunately, the boat arrived. They reached civilization safely, and in the following days to Poland.

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